XTENXerox Telecommunications Network
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In March 2011, Amunix and Biogen Idec initiated a Research and Option Agreement under which both companies would collaborate to combine Amunix s expertise in protein half-life extension and its proprietary XTEN technology with Biogen Idec s expertise in both hemophilia and engineering long-lasting coagulation factors.
We are pleased to be working with Biogen Idec as our partner, and their decision to exercise this option validates the utility of our XTEN technology, said Volker Schellenberger, PhD, Amunix President and Chief Executive Officer.
FCC DEMS Decision authorizes Digital Electronic Message Service in 10-GHz band, based on 1978 Xerox XTEN plan.
The partnership leverages Amunix's protein half-life engineering expertise using its XTEN technology, with Biogen's capabilities in research, manufacturing and clinical development of recombinant blood factors for hemophilia.
In addition to advancing our current late-stage long-lasting Factor IX and Factor VIII programs, we continue to invest in innovations like XTEN, which have the potential to bring further-improved treatment options to the hemophilia community.
Xerox Proposes Digital Network Planned XTEN high-speed nationwide digital network will use leased satellite capacity integraded with customer radio links and rooftop antennas.
According to the expanded deal, Amunix will integrate its XTEN half-life technology with the additional therapeutic molecules chosen by Janssen over the period of the deal.
It was reported yesterday that both firms have signed the research deal and licensing contract for XTEN half-life extension technology.
The partnership is aimed at leveraging Amunix's XTEN half-life extension technology in Janssen's protein and/or peptide therapeutics.