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XTSXtreme Tactical SpeedDot (camera equipment)
XTSTesting purposes (ISO code; monetary experimentation code)
XTSXizor Transport Systems (aka Xizor Transport Company; gaming)
XTSExecutable Test Suite
XTSExtended Team Support
XTSTransmit Test System
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The Canada-built XTS is based on the upcoming Epsilon II architecture.
The new XTS architecture enables, for the future, cost-effective guarding of chat, imagery, and streaming video and voice data.
A number of campaigns at XTS Global's New Media Division have been built with the "many-to-many" model of mass communication, which enables a specialized audience to customize its online lifestyle with a variety of sources and choices.
XTS Global is the marketing firm dedicated to its clients' return on investment.
I am happy to join the XTS Global Business Strategist team and support the growing Phoenix region.
I am looking forward to bringing the value of XTS Global to the Memphis marketplace.
I am excited to join XTS Global and expand the Las Vegas client base and operations.
She brings enormous experience and complementary skills to our team combined with deep professional and industry expertise which will allow us to grow our business domestically as well as internationally," says Justin Urbas, CEO, XTS Global.
Previously marketed under the XTS family of digital communication systems, the XTS product has been renamed the XTS-IP and XTSc-IP to reflect the expanded support for both digital and IP applications.
As we continue to make great strides as a nation in secure interoperability and data sharing across multiple agencies, networks, and classification levels, our XTS solution suite is well-suited to remedy our customers' most complex and ever-changing security challenges.
In instances where remote business locations have fewer employees, the XTSc can be installed at the remote site and networked with other XTSc systems or even Vodavi's larger XTS system.