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XWPXena Warrior Princess
XWPCrosstalk for Windows Phonebook
XWPXerox Writer Processor
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Advantage of Durethan BKV 30 XWP HV (High Viscosity) over BKV 30 XWP is its higher melt viscosity, which is a major plus in vibration and heated tool welding, because it widens the processing window of both methods.
One highlight is heat-stabilized BKV 30 XWP XT (Xtreme Temperature).
Durethan BKV 30 XWP LT (Laser Transparency) displays elevated laser light transmission in the wavelength range typical of laser transmission welding.
By this criterion, XWP should have been a failure indeed.
79) The first such episode I can identify is Prodigal Sister, in Season 4, which mentions Xena and includes an Amazon who appeared years earlier in XWP.
82) This seems to be what Agbayani does, when she equates the Amazons of HLJ with those of XWP.
Small shrubs associated with young islands were more often negatively impacted by drought (lowered XWPs and transpiration, and reduced stem growth) than were large shrubs (a finding consistent with our hypothesis).