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XXXXArmy (Graphical Representation/Army)
XXXXFourex (Australian beer)
XXXXFour X Level of Decontamination
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A brewery spokesman said XXXX Island was a way to encourage "mates time," with a number of celebrities enlisted to promote the getaway's beaches, snorkelling, deep sea fishing.
Wayne Rumble, 31, asserted that he was convinced that XXXX would support the local community by involving the region's businesses in the island's development.
The new design also features the brand's new strap line "Thank XXXX for that.
In the quirky new commercial, a hunky XXXX hero (played by rising star Todd Hodgson) rides across the Australian desert on his motorbike after a hard's work in search of a thirst-quenching pint of Castlemaine, and meets his gorgeous girlfriend (Lara Feltham) at a trendy bar.
The brand - brewed in Australia since 1748 - was a serious rival to Fosters in the UK 20 years ago, helped by the popular TV adverts featuring the famous line "Australians wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else".
Kerry Rolston, marketing manager, said the variant had already boosted the appeal of the XXXX brand.
19:57:23: XXXX currently has 2,700 people at his club aged around 14 -20.
All you have to do to win a can of XXXX is tell us what our hero, as the fly, says at the end of the Castlemaine commercials being screened on ITV tonight during Demolition Man.
XXXX DONNELLY IAN Daddy Your The Best Love you lots and lots Your beautiful Daughter Millie xxxxx DONNELLY TONY To the best dad .
XXXX Sending hugs and kisses with the Angels to our wonderful gran on her birthday.
Castlemaine XXXX is reinforcing its Australian roots with the UK launch of an authentic Aussie 'tinnie' size can.
And the 1984 launch of Castlemaine - accompanied by the unforgettable "Australians wouldn't give a XXXX for anything else" slogan - gave Britain a first taste of the delicious Aussie tipple.