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XYZThree dimensional datum axes
XYZExamine Your Zipper
XYZXtra Years of Zest (senior citizen's club; Severna Park United Methodist Church; Severna Park, MD)
XYZExtremely Young Zoologists (UK Club)
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Noliac has developed a market leading shear stack XYZ compared to similar products.
XYZ also sent two explicit videos to JPH's ex-partner and posted a number of still sex images on a website.
Indeed, it may make sense both for I&D tax purposes and for business asset protection purposes for XYZ to hold all of the above rigs in its own name and to lease rather than contribute them to its subsidiaries.
The moment the main folder XYZ disappears, release the folder with apps to be hidden (ABC) in the home screen.
Internal radial spindle clamping is on the maximum diameter with integrated pressure intensifier and pressure sensors that create a clamping factor between 300 and 4,500 Nm, a factor 10 times that of competitive products, says XYZ.
We are not independent with respect to XYZ Company us of and for the year ended [or ending, as applicable] December 31, 20XX, because we performed certain accounting services (the practitioner may include a specific description of those services) that impaired our independence.
In the above example, if the price of XYZ falls to ` 325 when the market closes on June 3, A will lose ` 2,500.
In the above example, if the price of XYZ falls to Rs 325 when the market closes on 3 June, Mr A will lose Rs 2,500.
OK, I'm still calm, and I ask quite innocently if XYZ Company ever quality assures such a disk before sending it out to a customer.
In this article, we examine a fictional bank, XYZ Corporation, and its participation in a questionable tax shelter, a transaction that was incompatible with the organization's ethical values.
uk) has been created by Broomfield & Alexander, Wales' largest independent accountancy firm, in a joint venture with XYZ Communications, a trade and investment consultancy specialising in Greater China.
Company XYZ provides comprehensive meeting management and special event planning services globally.