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XAMLExtensible Application Markup Language (Microsoft)
XAMLTransaction Authority Markup Language (vendor neutral transaction standard)
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Forms ecosystem, improving developer productivity and enabling them to easily produce enterprise-grade apps for all devices with C# and XAML.
Longhorn's Avalon interface is built using XAML, departing from tradition by separating interface logic from business logic.
creator of SVG developer tools, has delivered the ability to view, print and execute XAML documents on any version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.
New Spreadsheet (CTP) control in Telerik's XAML suites allow users to work with data directly in the application.
No knowledge of Silverlight or XAML is required, but some familiarity with HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, C#, and the .
NET applications, with its new ways to refactor, maintain and explore code bases, not to mention improved support for specific languages such as XAML, JavaScript, or VB.
Chapters cover topics including XAML, creating user interfaces, working with data and media, animation, security, and packaging and deploying Silverlight applications.
ECIS said Microsoft's XAML markup language, which will be dependent on Windows, is set to replace HTML, and claimed the OOXML 'open XML' platform file format is intended to run seamlessly only on the Microsoft Office platform.
Built from the ground up, Telerik RadControls for Windows 8 offers the same intuitive UI and UX, whether developing in XAML or HTML.
The studio collection includes spreadsheet controls for Windows, Web and XAML platforms.
Each chapter covers a handful of related features and provides sample applications and C# and XAML code.
NET code analysis; brings multiple new code inspections to prevent hard-to-detect runtime bugs in C# code; extends and streamlines navigation and search; makes available new refactorings and code transformations; and raises the level of XAML and unit testing support.