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XANADUXenon, Argon, and Neon Association of Downtown Utica
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Speaking on behalf of Xanadu Real Estate Development, Adel A AlBreiki, managing director, said: "Xanadu is one of the few developers to have consistently delivered projects through the downturn of the real estate market.
Xanadu has committed to spending around US$900,000 up to completion (approximately US$700,000 to date including US$250,000 of an initial US$500,000 deposit) to earn a circa 18% interest in Mongol Metals.
On a quirky, who-knew-that theme, Xanadu became the first song beginning with the letter X to ever chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and it remained the only one until 2010''s X by Xzibit.
In The Legend of Xanadu, a number one hit, Dee famously cracked a whip.
Located outside Pretoria at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, Xanadu is a $200M Eco-Park with a perimeter of eight kilometers.
Kubla Khan was an obvious name after a friend of Tufts and Tenen, taken into their confidence so he could stand watch while they were exploring, christened the caverns Xanadu, after Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 18th-century poem.
It also sold its wholly owned Madrid Xanadu project, in Madrid, Spain, to Ivanhoe.
Corrected or respelled XANADU in the printed version in 1816, this
Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has has launched the role-playing game, Xanadu Next.
Sweden's third-largest city once seemed destined to become a multicultural Xanadu attracting waves of immigrants with the prospect of jobs and the welcoming social-democratic embrace of Swedish immigration policy.
New songs Peculiar and Death Of A Scientist went down well but it was old favourites Watching Xanadu and Animal Cannabus that had the crowd jumping - and those sheep flying.
IN THE FIRST TEXT of En tid i Xanadu, Lars Gustafsson's recent poetry collection, the poet implies that there is a possible way out of the chaos and haphazardness that plays havoc with human life.