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XcvXanthomonas Campestris pv. Vesicatoria
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Tomato seeds were treated with Atella (residue of a local beer) based on its efficacy against Xcv without affecting seed viability [17].
Additionally, the population of Xcv was estimated by taking soil samples before inoculation, after inoculation, and at the end of SS and bio-fumigation.
10-11), lyric XCV commenced with a hint of the ghost story, another touch of the gothic.
Not one of Tennyson's models--"Lament for Bion," "Lycidas," "Adonais"--had ventured such a scene, and if after Maud Tennyson returned to the uncanny survival of messages from the dead, lyric XCV of In Memoriam remained the most personal and audacious of the future Laureate's intrigues with moments of their revisitation.
Chapter xcv will be of particular interest to all who do not have ready access to the full text, for, as its Latin title indicates, it is a recapitulation of the entire work.
It will thus be found useful to consult chapter i again before comparing it with chapter xcv.
Though XCV appears to manifest a contact with Hallam that is more authentic than the manufactured "dialogue" of section LXXXV, in fact the mode of communication--that is, writing--has already been established in the earlier section's shifting practice of apostrophe and its recognition of melancholy's subtle progress.
23) Again recalling Hallam's absence and distance, poised on the crux of night and day, section XCV through the mingling of past and present lights results in a day that is not "blank" but "boundless," open to reading and rereading, a day that does not "break" but "broadens," growing expansive with meaning and memory without fear of rupture.
Most striking in both the English and French versions of "Mariana" is the way in which the elaboration of a concrete, particularized image within the individual verse stanza (or, in Mallarme's case, the prose-poem paragraph) leads inexorably to the climactic contemplation, through repetition in verse after verse, of a single epiphanic phrase, "I am aweary, aweary" in Tennyson's English, "je suis lasse, lasse" in Mallarmes French, so that the meaning of the word itself, its "matter-moulded" form (In Memoriam XCV 46), (15) approaches the condition of ineffability.