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xDExtreme Digital (flash memory card developed by FujiFilm and Olympus)
XDDies Laughing
XDExtreme Duty (Springfield Armory line of handguns)
XDChristmas Day
XDExecute Disable Bit (Intel)
XDex dividend
XDMixed Doubles (sport)
XDExperience Design
XDExtra Dimension
XDExecutive Development
XDWithout Dividend
XDCross Dock (distribution)
XDExothermic Dispersion
XDExploratory Development
XDXtreme Duelists (Yugioh Clan)
XDXenDesktop (Citrix Systems, Inc.)
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The combination enables access to better features and newer versions of Citrix XenDesktop, as well as the option to enable bring-your-own-device and mobility options.
We are delighted to bring that benefit to Citrix XenDesktop users.
Unlike other VDI vendors, Liquidware Labs offers a complete desktop transformation methodology that allows Citrix XenDesktop customers to quickly enable user virtualization and then assess which users and workloads are the best fit for XenDesktop and XenApp[R].
Verlngerung der Pflege von gesamt 6750 Stck Softwarelizenzen Citrix XenDesktop Platinum Edition.
6GHz dual threaded processor, that have been verified to work with HDX technology in both XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp[TM].
By using HDX 3D Pro in XenDesktop, a technology that enables the secure delivery and performance of graphics-intensive CAD applications, multiple students can collaborate on projects at the same time without experiencing delays that often come with this rich graphic apps.
Students will benefit from enhanced productivity as XenDesktop transforms any Windows, web or software-as-a-service (SaaS) application into a service that can be accessed by any user--anytime and anywhere--with unparalleled simplicity and scalability.
Hokuriku Bank together with its group company Hokugin Software set the requirements for the new system, and will replace the current system to Citrix XenDesktop and adapt SBC.
Support for More than One Billion Devices - Combined with the Citrix Receiver[TM] universal software client, XenDesktop 5.
The tool also contains, XMLMon, a monitoring component that can keep tabs on the Citrix XenDesktop and ensure that it's functioning properly, sending an email alert if a problem is detected.
MyMT," powered by Citrix XenDesktop, simplifies desktop management and provides more than 25,000 students and faculty with anytime access to desktops, apps, resources and personal files
The conversion of our Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise Edition licenses per User / Device in Enterprise Edition Concurrent Userb.