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The 00-9300SYS Xenon Light Source System by Luxtec Corp.
The instrument, which sells for $7995, features a pulsed xenon light source for accurate measurement readings.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Videogastroscope Along With Videoprocessor With Led/300W Xenon Light Source S Scan For Gastroenterology Department.
The TITAN 400 Xenon Light Source provides the bright illumination and superior performance required in the modern OR.
Detection is performed at a selected wavelength by means of interchangeable filters, and light is delivered via a fiber optic coupled pulsed xenon light source.
This 300-watt xenon light source is equipped with BFW's signature rotating turret port, which allows compatibility with other manufacturers' fiberoptic cables.
The MAX-302, a 300-W xenon light source, generates spectra from 250 to 740 nm.
The Luxtec[R] MLX 300W Xenon light source is the culmination of many years of development and expertise.
Contract awarded for Purchase of xenon light source for korea scientific gifted school