XMAPXenopus Microtubule Assembly Protein
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When the final array of turbines is determined, Infinity Wind Power creates an array map and list of coordinates in XMap and goes into the field to validate the placement.
1-42] and t-[tau] is lower than that of ELISA or xMAP, and the range of calibrator concentrations for the MSD is wider than for ELISA or xMAP.
This study aimed to assess the agreement between conventional phenotypic methods with either Luminex xMAP system or DNA sequencing for the identification of invasive yeasts isolated from clinical samples in Pakistan.
In a recent customer-hosted benchmark, XMap and HParser were used in the processing of three gigabytes of proprietary insurance XML on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR).
Performance of the HIV/SIV Lineage Specific xMAP Assay on a Reference Panel of NHP Samples
The company says the XMap Forms module streamlines data collection in the field and enables effortless, cost-effective data sharing enterprise-wide.
DeLorme, Yarmouth, Maine, the innovation leader in mapping, GIS, and GPS technology, has announced the availability of a downloadable trial edition of XMap 7 GIS Enterprise software.
Fowler also points out DeLorme's newer and more expensive version BT-20 with Bluetooth and Xmap software.
Under this model, Luminex licensed our patented micropartide-based multiplexing technology, xMAP Technology, to other companies, who would then purchase our proprietary microspheres and detection instruments, and use them to develop and manufacture assay products" he explained.
The investigators extracted DNA from ThinPrep liquid Pap smear specimens taken from the patients and used polymerase chain reaction to amplify HPV targets overnight before using xMAP (Luminex) bead-based assay technology to detect the DNA.
The company's xMAP system is an open-architecture, multi-analyte technology platform that delivers fast, accurate and cost-effective bioassay results to markets as diverse as pharmaceutical drug discovery, clinical diagnostics and biomedical research, including the genomics and proteomics research markets.
Its open-architecture xMAP technology enables large numbers of biological tests (bioassays) to be conducted and analyzed quickly, cost effectively, and accurately.