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XMPPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
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0 protocols including JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) are IETF RFC standards offering benefits such as system interoperability, scaling and fast time-to-market.
com, an online game community built on the same XMPP platform that supports the Collecta Search Service.
This is significant because it makes XMPP the only approved instant messaging standard approved by the DISR.
Coversant appreciates the DoD's continued support of the XMPP protocol and the opportunity to serve our allied armed forces.
XMPP is advantageous because of its reliability and its ability to provide secure, low-latency bidirectional communication, which is essential for ancillary services applications where rapid response is required.
We've built the best stack for allowing companies to connect their applications to XMPP, allowing anyone wishing their web or desktop application to communicate over XMPP to do so seamlessly," states CEO Jack Moffitt, who is also on the board of directors of both the XMPP Standards Foundation, the organization that manages the XMPP specifications, and the Xiph.
In keeping with the brilliantly simple approach, enterprises can leverage standards-based IM servers, such as ShoreTel XMPP IM server, or protect existing investments in already-installed technologies, such as Microsoft SIP-based Lync, for ShoreTel Communicator.
XMPP is mandated by the DoD, for real-time communication including text messaging, multi-user chat, and the exchange of presence information.
DiSo -- distributed social networking applications, is an umbrella development for a group of open source components such as OpenID and XMPP that will lead to the development of user-controlled distributed social networking concepts, portable social networks and user data portability.
The addition of Jabcasts' secure XMPP technology is one more step in that direction.
Mobile Capabilities for Knowledgebase and XMPP Chat Support