XNETCross Net Debugger
XNETExtended Network
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The unit permits signals to pass uninterrupted in the SVCN, XNET, and GPCN positions or isolates in/out copper in the OFFLINE position.
Allen-Martin says that its existing energy management systems, such as its popular Odyssey range, can now be connected to an established network using XNet to interrogate the system from a remote PC or laptop computer.
the world leader in standard-definition (SD) cameras and analog DVRs, has created its own XNET platform for the evolution of the Digital Security and Surveillance (DSS) markets, driving the video surveillance ecosystem forward.
The support and technical assistance from Xnet Portal,
This will affect the following areas: SAP / HRIS / BI data warehouse (on Microsoft environments) / Xnet (including sharepoint) / SIDO SIVIE.