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XrMLExtensible Rights Markup Language
XrMLeXtensible Rights Management Language (Oasis)
XRMLExtensible Rule Markup Language
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XrML is a device for expressing grants of rights to access or
According to its Web site, XRML (eXtensible Rights Markup Language) is used "for expressing rights and conditions associated with digital content, services, or any digital resource.
XrML has been adopted by MPEG-21 as its Rights Expression Language, and ODRL was recently selected by the Open Mobile Alliance as its rights language for mobile content.
Although a number of suppliers support XrML, many DRM systems or DRM add-ons to existing packages are still proprietary, and larger organisations could end up owning several different and incompatible DRM technologies that will need to be integrated for specific purposes.
Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) is another rights metadata model--sort of an XrML lite.
Originally developed by the founders of ContentGuard, XrML (eXtensible Rights Markup Language) version 2.
509, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and XrML.
While proprietary approaches are typical for products in an emerging market, DRM systems must embrace emerging standards for securing content (such encryption standards as ALES, DES and RSA), defining rights and business rules (rights specification languages such as OeBF, XrML and XMCL), content identification (for example, DOI), describing what is contained within an encrypted file (metadata) and industry standards (OMA for use of DRM on mobile devices).
Diaz, senior engineering manager for Adobe Systems' eBook Development Group; Brad Gandee, ContentGuard's XrML Standards Evangelist; and David Sidman, CEO of Content Directions.
Rosenblatt notes that the dynamic rights mechanism in Authentica ARM is "simpler than Microsoft RMS's exclusion and revocation features, and therefore easier for end-users who do not have administrative privileges or XrML knowledge.
ContentGuard's XrML (eXtensible Rights Markup Language) standard has been integrated by MPEG into MPEG REL, which specifies conditions for authorized use of MPEG music and video files.
He said the WS- specifications provide flexibility because they will work with customers' existing security assertions including SAML, Kerberos, X509, XRML, custom tokens, passwords and user names.