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XrMLExtensible Rights Markup Language
XrMLeXtensible Rights Management Language (Oasis)
XRMLExtensible Rule Markup Language
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XrML is a device for expressing grants of rights to access or
XrML has been adopted by MPEG-21 as its Rights Expression Language, and ODRL was recently selected by the Open Mobile Alliance as its rights language for mobile content.
Although a number of suppliers support XrML, many DRM systems or DRM add-ons to existing packages are still proprietary, and larger organisations could end up owning several different and incompatible DRM technologies that will need to be integrated for specific purposes.
The Company's broad foundation patent portfolio related to DRM, and its Digital Rights Language, XrML (eXtensible rights Markup Language), were originally developed at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).
protection data in ONIX, XrML and Microsoft Digital Rights Management
Other specifications include SAML for authentication and authorization, XACML for access control, XrML for rights management, SPML for exchanging provisioning information, and XCBF for describing biometrics data.
Broad adoption of XrML will revolutionize the eContent marketplace by allowing different DRM systems to exchange rights information (such as access fees and usage restrictions), making it easier for eContent owners to use the Internet to distribute premium content.
Other specifications include WS-Security for high-level security services, XACML for access control, XCBF for describing biometrics data, SPML for exchanging provisioning information, and XrML for rights management.
the leading provider of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Rights Language technology and OverDrive, a world leader in software, eCommerce, DRM and content conversion services to the book industry, announced a strategic alliance designed to augment the Rights Management solutions already offered by OverDrive through the use of XrML (eXtensible rights Markup Language) -- the only Rights Expression Language currently in commercial use.
Having a visionary company recognize the benefits from deploying XrML is further validation of the need for a standard Rights Expression Language to foster the growth of the digital content market.
ContentGuard has been working with several major standards bodies and intends to submit XrML to them as the most viable XML-based rights specification language available today.