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XREFeXternal REFerence (ACAD)
XREFCross Referencing
XREFExternally Referenced File
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Loyalty People AS, which specialises in recruitment within sales, sales management, customer service and marketing, will free up recruiters time for other tasks, by using Xref.
Expanding on existing AutoCAD compatibility, the new AutoCAD xref management feature automatically imports all xref files related to an AutoCAD drawing and links them inside Document Locator.
Share design data more easily with simplified external reference management, automatic notification of standards and xref changes, and an enhanced file format -- the new Design Web Format (DWF 6), to more easily communicate and securely share digital information.
com), the leading global provider of document-based solutions to the life sciences industries, today announced Xref Manager as a key ingredient in its electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) solution.
The eCTD solution works with CDC Solutions' Xref manager to provide advanced cross referencing at the author level allowing users to insert, manage, and maintain cross references as documentation changes with continued product development.
What is truly exciting about the advanced XREF document support is that the specific, revised drawing components can now be incorporated back into the main file, therefore maintaining the external reference structure for the main drawing," said Paul Bielicki, architect at SOM.
New markup tool for redlining documents, which supports more file types, layering and XREF file integration.
These 2D and 3D designs, include simple and complex file inter-relationships, such as drawings and xrefs, or in a 3D modeling environment, parts and assemblies.
Managing external references on drawings can become cumbersome because users must maintain the parent drawing and all of the XREFs referenced in the drawing to ensure that the most current data is saved.