XRESX Resource
XRESExpected Response
XRESX-Ray Emission Spectroscopy
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MAC, XRES, CK, IK are generated by hash functions specified by 3GPP with the challenge RAND and the secret key K as the inputs and their lengths are all 128 bits.
Similarly, RES is transmitted to the network to authenticate the UE by comparing RES and XRES.
EPS AV consists of [RAND, XRES, a local master key KASME and an AUTN] as shown in fig.
The combination of PureWave technology and XRES processing enables the system to deliver the same image quality as full-size systems, allowing full echo data analysis from a portable system without any compromises.
Its digital broadband beamformer with beam steering capabilities and powerful signal processing techniques, including Philips exclusive SonoCT real-time compound imaging with XRES technology, provide enhanced edges and margins for more sharply defined structures, reduced noise and speckle, and better visibility and contrast resolution of even the smallest structures.
Macromedia xRes SE, a powerful image editor, integrates high-impact graphic images into Websites.
Note to Editors: Backstage Designer Plus and Macromedia xRes are trademarks of Macromedia, Inc.
com), as well as Macromedia's xRes 2 photo image editing program for Windows (San Francisco, 415-252-2000 or www.
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The G95 actually provides two cards in one because it also acts as an extremely fast 2D graphics accelerator perfect for applications such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and Macromedia xRes publishing graphics software.