XTVXerox Technology Ventures
XTVXquizit Television (Queens, NYC)
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While it may seem surprising today that the chief proponent of the Enlightenment would praise an era associated with human exploitation, religious oppression and destructive military campaigns, The Age of Louis XTV is a valuable reminder of how formative the period was for the liberal arts.
Rigaud depicts Louis XTV surrounded by a rich display of dramatically draped textiles.
Louis XTVs historiographers felt obliged to call him 'the greatest monarch of the universe'.
xTV will concentrate on increasing xTV sales, marketing and engineering team, expanding the xTV team into Los Angeles and two new senior appointments.
Moreover, UST Global will join forces with xTV to bring MS to Fortune 1000 firms throughout the US.
Microsoft, Intel & AOL are xTV s clients and partners.
For example, NDS' XTV DVR technology enables Sichuan Cable subscribers to control their viewing by allowing them to pause live TV, record, play back, rewind and fast-forward their favourite TV programmes to view when they choose.
NDS XTV will allow MYtv subscribers to record TV content while viewing another programme.
At launch, MYtv will offer a high definition DVB-S2 XTV DVR, as well as a HD/SD zapper STB to receive MYtv packages and satellite FTA channels.
Under the same agreement, Agfa supplies the Times with six violet CTP systems (four Polaris XTVs and two Polaris XCVs) for its College Point printing plant in New York City.
The company said that its XTV DVR technology will allow Bharti Airtel digital TV subscribers to pause, record, playback, rewind and fast forward the programmes they watch.
NDS is launching its XTV digital local storage set-top box technology into Europe.