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Y-1Yaw 1
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The Y-1 well is located 20 kilometres to the southwest of the Sambayat Oilfield ("Sambayat"), which was discovered by Turkish Petroleum in 2008.
Even if they had, he was asked, how could B&W grow and ship millions of pounds of Y-1 from only experimental amounts of seed?
Y-1 apparently traces to unsuccessful attempts at creating high-nicotine tobaccos during the 1970s by breeder James F.
The products that used Y-1 delivered essentially the same nicotine as the products they replaced.
Sources at Semiconductor Insights have confirmed they are searching for other FRAM devices including those made by Matsushita, Siemens, Hyundai and Motorola which are said to be made using the Y-1 process under license from Symetrix.