Y2GYear 2 Grand (2000)
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The results, according to a recent Y2G survey, have been dramatic.
Y2G starts a relationship between homeowner and gardener with some basic questions: What will be planted?
These services are necessary to validate market potential for organizations looking for capital while mitigating risk for investors into a single environment," said David Cahn, Y2G Associates CEO.
Y2G Associates is the premier provider of executive corporate development and custom market research services for companies worldwide.
Leading automotive and high-technology manufacturers that have integrated the Servigistics Service Parts Management solution with their existing ERP systems have achieved significant results within their service operations," said David Cahn, CEO Y2G Associates.
A complimentary copy of the Y2G Associates Report, "Best-of-Breed and ERP - From Contention to Consensus," is available from Servigistics at http://www.
Y2G Associates recently surveyed over 600 software vendors on their sales planning and sales execution practices.
Y2G Associates is the premier provider of custom market research and executive business process outsourcing services for software companies worldwide.
Over the past year, the decline in cash flow fundamentals, improvements in operating performances, and gains in profitability indices are improving at a slower rate than market capital valuations," said David Cahn, CEO, Y2G Associates.
According to Michael Bittner, Managing Director, Y2G Associates, "We have witnessed first hand `the good, the bad, and the ugly' of analyst relations and have developed a specific, field proven approach based on the size and condition of the software vendor.
Company description: Y2G Associates is the leading provider of tools, technology and services that improve the performance of software companies worldwide.
IDT's investment will give it a 14 percent equity interest in Y2G.