Y2YYellowstone to Yukon (conservaton initiative)
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For the Y2Y Clubs to get support from DSW, we ensure that they are linked to a local community organization, which then becomes the focal point through which we channel support to the clubs.
The idea, say Y2Y proponents, is not to prohibit human use.
When the range of large animals like these dwindles or becomes fragmented, threatened species become isolated on, as the Y2Y website puts it, "islands of wilderness that rise from a sea of development.
Armed with my sliding scales, I reconsidered the Y2Y proposal and guesstimated inter-park corridor dimensions that, in some cases, would be hundreds of miles long.
Not only did we meet numerous people while walking and skiing the distance (loggers, trappers, hunters, fishermen, ranchers, canoeists, hikers, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts), but we also talked to more than 70 chambers of commerce and other community groups about the Y2Y idea, stopping in numerous towns along the way.
This thinking spread to Canada and Mexico and large bioregional or ecoregional planning exercises are now underway including the Y2Y, the Sky Islands across the southwestem U.
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In that case, Y2Y proponents convinced outfitters, hunters, and even representatives from the timber and oil and gas industries to design a regional plan that adopted a matrix of core-protected areas as parks and special management areas with linkages to each other.
The principal goal of the Y2Y Conservation Initiative is to develop a transnational structure and process capable of identifying and protecting a system of wildlands and linkages that will ensure the survival of key species and maintain the integrity of ecosystems.
Says Bart Robinson, Y2Y coordinator, "Bears, wolves, cougars, lynx and wolverines need much larger areas than previously realized to stay healthy and alive.
The experience gained through the Y2Y initiative will be valuable in setting up a similar project for the Baja to Bering Sea marine region.