YABTYoung Americas Business Trust
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Por ello, solicitaron ayuda a YABT para construir el elemento empresarial en su programa.
YABT esta trabajando con el Departamento de Ciencia, Tecnologia e Innovacion de la OEA a fin de incorporar los Laboratorios de Negocios en esa iniciativa.
Programas como os Laboratorios de Negocios do YABT estimulam o desenvolvimento de habilidades praticas e envol vem gente jovem atraves da acao, em lugar de "voz e giz".
Por isto, solicitaram a YABT ajudar para construir o elemento empresarial em seu programa.
Thanks to YABT, young women now have the necessary tools to create new businesses and the knowledge to improve existing business through better management skills.
The themes developed in the YABT framework have been instrumental in the initiation, achievement, and improvement of our businesses, including basic startup strategies.
Business Labs are a fundamental first-step in the systematic approach offered by YABT through follow-up "Nex Links" centers and the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas.