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YAEYoung Artist Experience (chamber music program; Canada)
YAEYankee Atomic Electric Company
YAEYoung Adult Encounter
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The YAE was established in 1993 by Abdulghani Al-Wajeeh with nine members headed by Mohsen Al-Bahr.
Yahia Omar, a member of the YAE, says nearly all competitors are the sons and relatives of current members, themselves drawn from the military establishment and other privileged circles.
Before Yemen's protracted political crisis erupted in 2011, however, the YAE had seen an increase in clubs between 2000 and 2006.
Once the only horse training facilities in existence, exclusive to members of the police and military, the academies opened their doors to relatives of staff in 1994 and began taking part in YAE competitions that year.
Young riders and their horses warm up before entering the annual YAE competition at the Capital Club in Sana'a.
The title suggests a solemnity seldom present, as YAE happily eats at McDonald's, watches soap operas, struggles with an answering machine, reflects on the female breast, visits a Les Brown TV show and a sex club, and tries to buy condoms.
The "here and there" are the subjects of both parts of Two Novellas by YAE.
On the men's side, Ethiopia's Terefe Yae was crowned the champion with a time of 2:14:24.
What you're rr yae really afraid of is rejection, but if you never try anything you'll end up living with regrets and 'what ifs'.
Kenyan teammates Haron Toroitich, the defending champion, and Philip Tarus, ran shoulder-to-shoulder with Ethiopia's Terefe Yae through 25 miles before Yae finally broke away from Toroitich to capture his first major marathon title.
Tourists have to deal with them everywhere: YAEs crowd the cafes and bars on weekend nights, roar through crosswalks on their Vespas, dance and sing until dawn at nightclubs.