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YAFYet Another Forum.net (software)
YAFYokohama Arts Foundation (Japan)
YAFYoung America's Foundation
YAFYouth and Family (various locations)
YAFYoung Americans for Freedom (political organization formed in 1960s)
YAFYoung Arbitrators Forum (International Chamber of Commerce)
YAFYoung Architects Forum
YAFYoung Adult Fiction (publishing and library science)
YAFYoung Adult Friends (conference)
YAFYankee Air Force
YAFYet Another Frag (gaming clan)
YAFYet Another Flow Sensor
YAFYou Are Forgiven
YAFYunnan America Foundation
YAFYouth Aqua Fit
YAFYuktobanian Air Force (Ace Combat)
YAFYoung Attractive Female
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YAF Urges Agnew "Not Resign," 19 September 1973, YAF Collection.
From the look of it, the seeds YAF and its allies began sowing in the 1970s have fruited out in discernible gains among America's youth.
The power of YAF, grass-roots networks, and think tanks like the AEI show that the right focused its energy on infrastructure and ideas during a time when the left focused on protest.
At its best, it unfolds as it did at Swarthmore in 1993: YAF sent Dinesh D'Souza to lecture at the college; in the aftermath YAF collected six enthusiastic conservative students and invited them to its headquarters to plan a yearlong conservative speakers' program; by 1994 YAF boasted that Swarthmore's Conservative Union had swelled from six members to seventy-five, and a new conservative campus newspaper had been started--thanks to $37,000 funneled toward the college from a conservative matrix.
Throughout the book Andrew attempts to construct a parallel between the right and left -- the YAF is the Students for a Democratic Society of the right.
Data and document images are made available to YAF for daily database loads, allowing service representatives to easily search the database and respond to donor inquiries more quickly and efficiently.
A December 2009 cable between San'a' and various intelligence agencies disseminated by WikiLeaks says US State Department analysts believed the Houthis obtained weapons from the Yemeni black market and corrupt members of the YAF.
But in the following two years Saleh restored control over the RG and other parts of the YAF - since most of YAF's commanders had been Saleh appointees.
Deciding it was important for The Alternative to "make a strong showing" at the YAF convention, Tyrrell had taken it upon himself to pay my YAF dues.
I was careful to note the dinged-up hunk of surface-to-air missile sitting in the corner of Air Force room, with no sign to indicated why, and the jaunty mustache painted above the lip of one of the mannequins sporting a YAF pilot's uniform.
Rafin said the YAF were deployed along YLNG's pipeline and the navy was escorting the LNG tankers to the international waterways.
But Perlstein doesn't mention that within another four years Students for a Democratic Society was flourishing on campuses all over the country, while the YAF had devolved into the curious cult of personality it remains to this day.