YAFSYoung Adult Fertility and Sexuality
YAFSYoung Adult Fertility Study (Philippines)
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But hey, here's another bit of good news from the National Tobacco Use Survey which, like the YAFS, is conducted every few years.
That finding supports the YAFS statistics for tobacco use.
First, it is clear that teenage pregnancies are on the rise: The latest Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study or YAFS, conducted by the Demographic Research and Development Foundation and the University of the Philippines Population Institute, found that the number of teenage mothers has almost tripled over the last 10 years.
The YAFS figures show a narrowing gender gap for sexual and nonsexual behaviors which, on the surface, may reflect growing equality between males and females but, on closer analysis, suggest that perhaps there is growing inequity that urgently needs responses from families, schools and communities.
The 2013 YAFS was significant because of many new questions-around diet for example, and self-perceptions-but because they were new, comparisons cannot be made across time.