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Yage, also known as ayahuasca, has been venerated for centuries by tribes in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.
Filip Goematre, owner of the hostel, where Henry was staying, said: "Lots of people come to take the yage.
Dos muertos tras consumir yage en Santander [Two dead after consuming yage in Santander].
Rebecca Houseknecht, a 17-year-old Maryland Youth Ballet student who loves pink and gave up cheerleading for ballet, is focused on getting hired by one of the many companies offering apprenticeships at YAGE The very handsome Joan Sebastian Zamora, 16, whose shy smile and phone calls home to his parents in Colombia have you rooting for him, worships Carlos Acosta and hopes to get a scholarship to the Royal Ballet School.
We also find that the events on offer alongside this conference occur readily here in Curitiba and all over Brazil, such as Umbanda trance incorporation rituals (Giesler, 1985) and the drinking of psychoactive jungle decoctions such as the one once called telepathine by chemists, now typically called ayahuasca, yage, or Daime (Luke, 2011b).
He argued that the Putumayo Indian Yage cult was part of a post-colonial condition, informed as much by a shattered moral order as by economic material conditions.
The leaves of yage, which contain the alkaloid N, N-dimethyltryptamine (activated in the presence of harmine and harmaline), are gathered at the edges of the forest.
for about eighteen months between January 1950 and his trip in search of the drug yage beginning in July 1951.
After accidentally shooting and killing his wife in Mexico and traveling throughout South America in search of the psychedelic drug yage, Burroughs settled in Tangier, where, despite his attempts to kick his drug habit, he let drugs guide his writing.
In April 2007, family planning officials in Baise, Guanguxi Province, forced Wei Linrong, the wife of house church pastor Liang Yage to have an abortion against her will.