YAGPYale-Affiliated Gastroenterology Program (est. 1965)
YAGPYouth America Grand Prix (ballet competition)
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John Selya, a frequent YAGP judge, has watched participants grow into top-notch professionals through the striving that Saveliev fosters.
AGM: The first time I did a YAGP gala I was starstruck, just looking around and thinking, I can't believe I'm taking class and performing with these people I've admired for so long.
YAGP includes a list of available choreographers across the U.
YAGP, for students ages 9 to 19, takes the opposite approach: School and company directors on the jury and in the audience award scholarships or contracts to promising dancers, whether they win a medal or not.
On the rosters of the world's major ballet companies, you'll find more than 300 YAGP alumni.
Stanton Welch, the artistic director of Houston Ballet who often serves on the YAGP jury (the company's school also awards scholarships), confirms that she is single-minded about this goal.
Luckily, she is able to rely on her husband, Gennadi Saveliev, YAGP co-founder and former soloist with ABT, to balance her outsized ideas with pragmatism.
Kirk Peterson, then director of ABT Studio Company, spotted the 16-year-old prodigy at the 2006 YAGP Finals and asked him to join the company.
The performances at YAGP provide a narrative and run the gamut from triumphant to heartbreaking, but the film's real appeal lies in the dancers' backstories.
For years I tried to bring her to YAGP, but it never worked out.
Saveliev reports that for the 800 YAGP finalists (ages 9 to 19) present, Obraztsova was one of their favorites.
Despite its theme of "Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow," this year YAGP honors a Russian star of yesterday: Vladimir Vasiliev.