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YAGSYale Anti-Gravity Society
YAGSYet Another Game System (role-playing)
YAGSYet Another Google Service
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Final body alignment is an ideal application for YAG laser cutting.
The Lumonics 708 YAG laser is for deep drilling at high speed.
This is also being done with 400-W YAG lasers, and a 1-kW laser would permit faster drilling or doing thicker materials on the fly, notes Llewellyn.
In the auto industry, some are looking at drilling oil-feed holes in bearings with YAG to reduce microcracking and HAZ.
Compared to EDM or ECM for putting holes in difficult materials, the YAG laser is faster and more flexible, and even large holes in thick materials can be done in reasonable production times.
Another plus for higher-power YAG lasers is being able to use fiber optics for time sharing of one energy source between several work stations, or the ability to make multiple welds at the same time at a single station.