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YAHOOYet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle :-)
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle
YAHOOYet Another Hypertext Online Organizer
YAHOOYet Another Helpful Operation Origin :-)
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com/yahoo-data-breach-company-faces-class-action-lawsuit-2586373+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-b-ab) previously dismissed an earlier attempt by Yahoo to have the lawsuit thrown out, after the company claimed that the hacks it suffered were the result of advanced tactics by attackers rather than a failure of the company's security protocols.
Under this amendment, Verizon and Yahoo have agreed to reduce the price Verizon will pay to acquire Yahoo's operating business by USD350m.
Yahoo remains a major force online, but has lagged its rivals in its ability to "monetize" its audience through advertising that is linked to customers' browsing and other online activities.
Yahoo gives us scale that is what is most critical here, Marni Walden, who is head of product innovation and new business at Verizon told CNBC, adding that the company's audience will go from the millions to the billions.
However, Yahoo's cash, its shares in Alibaba Group Holdings and Yahoo Japan, plus a portfolio of patents, will continue to be held by Yahoo, but it will change its name and begin trading as an investment company.
Yahoo will add momentum to Verizon's already formidable ability to target audiences with the right marketing messages based on user behavior.
In a Tumblr blog post, Mayer said she planned to stay at Yahoo, but Verizon's Marni Walden, who will head the combined company, told CNBC the new leadership team has yet to be determined.
Yahoo CFO, Ken Goldman said, we have actively engaged experts in tax-efficient structures over the past two years and have considered a variety of alternatives.
Smith also has been pressuring Mayer to commit to returning most of any future Alibaba windfalls, instead of spending the money to buy other companies, unless she embraces his call for Yahoo to merge with rival AOL Inc.
The change, which will be rolled out gradually according to a Yahoo spokeswoman, will require users to register for a Yahoo ID in order to use any of the Internet portal's services.
According to Cnet, Yahoo News Digest would provide two daily summaries, one in the morning, and one in the evening and include all the important news of the day and the app is different in delivery and presentation as it includes art, graphics, photo, details, etc.
Yahoo hadn't yet purchased the micro-blogging site Tumblr, so instead the company was pushing Flickr's redesign and first mobile app, which added lnstagram-inspired photo filters to the site's more traditional photo sharing and storage format.