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YAHSYankton Area Humane Society (South Dakota)
YAHSYanco Agricultural High School (Yanco, NSW, Australia)
YAHSYet Another Hectic Semester
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YAHs cited the internet and social networking sites as crucial ways to make them feel young.
While normal students are returning home after a hard day in the library or lecture theatre to an empty cupboard or a Pot Noodle, these yahs will have already arranged dinner with chums at the Balmoral Hotel or a night at the casino.
This was like being dipped in a vat of drunken Yahs.
According to Ahmed Ali Al Shamsi, CEO, Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the launch of Al Yah 3 is a key milestone on the UAE's ambitious space programme.
Al Yah 3 is due to begin delivering commercial services later in 2018.
Al Yah 3 will reach 20 African nations, totalling a whopping 60 per cent of Africa's population, and more than 90 per cent of Brazil's population.
The mission experienced some challenges during the launch stages, which resulted in the Al Yah 3 satellite being inserted into an orbit that differed from the flight plan, said the company in a statement.
An #Ariane5 launches from French Guiana carrying SES-14 and Al Yah 3.
during the mission with this combined mass factoring in SES-14 and Al Yah 3, plus the launch vehicles dual-passenger dispenser system and satellite integration hardware.
Al Yah 3 will allow us to extend our affordable broadband services to 60% of the African population and more than 95% in Brazil," said Marcus Vilaca, chief technology officer at Yahsat.
Al Yah 3 is a Ka-band high-throughput satellite that will expand Yahsat's coverage to an additional 19 markets in Africa and marks Yahsat's entry into Brazil.