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YAKYakovlev (Soviet aircraft designer)
YAKYou Already Know (band)
YAKYouth Adult Konnections (Idaho)
YAKYouth Action Kouncil (UK)
YAKYouth Action Krew (various locations)
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They are riding to meet the Wakhi tribe, inhabitants of the remote corner of Afghanistan, who will barter yaks and cattle in exchange for the traders' wares.
operations and moving forward solely with Yak Tracker, we are keeping the best of what we learned and developed over the last six years to continue to help financial institutions grow.
Gut metagenomes from the same age group clustered very distinctly from those of different ages, indicating that the age had a substantial effect on the microbial composition in yak gut.
According to court documents, Yak "fraudulently" signed letters addressed to BNP Paribas Switzerland, Kendris Ltd and Rothschild Trust AG Switzerland citing Low as a client at both BSI Singapore and BSI Switzerland.
Several government officials have repeatedly claimed in a series of interviews with Sudan Tribune on Sunday that General Peter Gatdet Yak has indicated readiness to abandon the armed struggle and return to Juba.
Students reacted on Yik Yak and found out first on Yik Yak," he said.
Yik Yak invites any anonymous user to "share your thoughts with people around you while keeping your privacy.
Yik Yak allows users to post all comments anonymously, and the posts can be seen by anyone within a 10-mile radius.
Duke University declined to ban Yik Yak, calling such action censorship, and its dean of students noted that as soon as one social media app is shut down, a similar one pops up.
The lead aircraft is a modified Yak 52, once the primary training aircraft for sport pilots of the former Soviet Bloc.
She said: "Standing looking at a herd of yak on a Mongolian mountain, I commented to a friend that their coats would make gorgeous jumpers.
Our findings suggest that yak is an emerging but imperfect host for this virus.