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YALYoung Arab Leaders (Dubai, UAE)
YALYoung Americans for Liberty
YALYoung Adult Literature
YALYoung Adult League
YALYouth Activities League
YALYet Another Language
YALAlert Bay Airport (Canada airport code)
YALYoung Australia League (Perth, WA, Australia)
YALYouth Arts Leicestershire (UK)
YALYour Alternative Life (online virtual world)
YALYet Another Lawsuit
YALYet Another Library
YALYttrium Aluminum Laser
YALYet Another Layout
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At Michigan's Kellogg Community College, three YAL students were arrested simply for asking students questions that "rural students may not know how to say no to .
FIRE said the student government had violated its obligation to distribute funds in a viewpoint-neutral manner and that UO's housing director also had discriminated against YAL by refusing to allow it to post advertisements for the event in residence halls.
YAL and Bruin Republicans had, for reasons I could easily fathom but not accept, a close working relationship, with YAL acting as the junior partner.
Two years earlier, the YAL were beaten by the Liverpool County Premier League in the semi-finals.
Salma Kayali, the Executive Director of YAL in the UAE and lead organizer of the Startup Weekend conference stated, "The Startup Weekend follows the same basic model everywhere.
Following the success of GEW 2011, YAL Bahrain said it aims to extend its outreach even further this year.
Mahmoud Mohieldin, former Minister of Investment, SODIC and YAL signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which SODIC supports the YAL Global Action Program and Youth Outreach Program in Egypt, which target the following areas: Youth Outreach, Learning for Life Development Courses and the re-launch of the YAL Egypt Country Office.
With only days left before the event, he had to raise $480 to hold the event, and YAL only had $80 of cash on hand.
Another factor sparking renewed interest in YAL is the author crossover factor.
EAEWe prepare future generations to meet the job markets and the demands that it requires,Eo said YAL chief executive officer Assem O Kabesh.
Our campaign partners BrandConnection, DDB Dubai, Mashreq Bank, the MBC Group, the Paltel Group, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, the YAL Palestine Office and UNRWA, have helped us with their resources, time and efforts to facilitate the campaign, and we count on the general public, civil society organizations, and private and public businesses to back this cause by contributing to the Fund," YAL CEO Assem O.
YAL is a regional, not-for-profit organization and is a network of members, who are young Arab men and women, with diverse areas of expertise, and with the aim to be the triggers for positive change for the future generations of the Arab World.