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I suppose you don't remember if it was a Yale on the front door as well?
Many of its streets (as its ALIAS sufficiently imports) are planted with rows of grand old elm-trees; and the same natural ornaments surround Yale College, an establishment of considerable eminence and reputation.
then here I prospectively ascribe all the honour and the glory to whaling; for a whale-ship was my Yale College and my Harvard.
The sweeping of that room was my college examination, and never did any youth pass an examination for entrance into Harvard or Yale that gave him more genuine satisfaction.
And at a fifth, in New Haven, Bell stood sixteen Yale professors in line, hand in hand, and talked through their bodies--a feat which was then, and is to-day, almost too wonderful to believe.
In 1909, barely fourteen years of age, he was ready--"more than ready" the headmaster of the academy said--to enter Yale or Harvard.
Yes, that is our dream: to turn all earth into the Yale of Ajalon at our pleasure.
It was an ordinary key of the Yale type, with a bit of twisted wire through the handle.
Yale frequently has stated that, if he had not gone to law school, he would have strived to be a sports columnist (as he was during his college days at New York University).
Yale, whose graduates include Bill and Hillary Clinton, is offering 11 top-performing Year 12 students from Wales a taste of university life at its main campus in Connecticut or its Beijing campus, with the $6,000 cost covered jointly by Seren.
Calhoun's legacy as a white supremacist and a national leader who passionately promoted slavery as a 'positive good' fundamentally conflicts with Yale's mission and values," Yale President Peter Salovey said in a (http://news.
After countless of locks that have secured millions of homes through the years, Yale has stayed true to its philosophy of providing businesses, families and homes the freedom from worrying about security and safety.