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I suppose you don't remember if it was a Yale on the front door as well?
John, the oldest, in Yale, had elected to become a man of letters, and, in the meantime, ran his own automobile with the corresponding standard of living such ownership connoted in the college town of New Haven.
In 1909, barely fourteen years of age, he was ready--"more than ready" the headmaster of the academy said--to enter Yale or Harvard.
At the time of which I write I was nineteen years old, a student at Yale.
It was an ordinary key of the Yale type, with a bit of twisted wire through the handle.
Tis one of them Yale lads celebratin' the goose egg they give to the Hartford College.
The lock from the door had been removed altogether, and in its place was the aperture for a Yale latch-key.
Many of its streets (as its ALIAS sufficiently imports) are planted with rows of grand old elm-trees; and the same natural ornaments surround Yale College, an establishment of considerable eminence and reputation.
John Sterling, a lawyer for the Rockefellers, in 1918 left the university a very large financial gift, which "enabled Yale to become a first-rank institution," said Jonathan Katz, curator of "The Pink and the Blue: Lesbian and Gay Life at Yale and Connecticut: 1642-2004" at the Sterling Memorial Library.
Merelman's fascinating book is based not only on his own experience as a graduate student at Yale during this time, but on interviews with no less than 129 faculty members and former students of the Department.
During his early tenure at the Yale Arbovirus Research Unit, Bob was involved in a collaborative project with the Smithsonian Institution and discovered several new arboviruses transported by birds migrating through the Nile Delta.
While it is still not possible to attribute each piece from the Enduring Threads exhibit to its individual creators, it is now clear that they were made by First Nations and European students together with the nuns at All Hallows Anglican girls' school, which operated in Yale from 1884-1920.