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For the hardliners, Eisenhower's summits, Nixon's rapprochement, Reagan's d`tente and now Obama's nuclear deal all follow in the shameful tradition of the Yalta accords.
At the beginning of autumn Crimean Yalta hosts the high-profile Yalta European Strategy (YES) meeting.
Ever since, the work the trio did at Yalta has come under intense scrutiny, typically of a most uncharitable nature, to the point that a series of "Yalta myths" has been handed down through successive decades, and these have been taken to represent, if not the whole truth, then a goodly portion thereof.
Instead of holding elections there, as Soviet Premier Stalin had promised the other Allied leaders at Yalta, he set up puppet Communist governments.
Noting that they also wanted to benefit from potential and opportunities of Turkish Airlines (THY), Pisore said that they would like to host Turkish travel agencies' representatives as well as tourism companies executives in the fair which would take place in Yalta in February.
Octogenarian Owen, from Llanfairfechan, recently returned from Yalta, southern Ukraine as a double gold medal winner in the European Masters swimming championships.
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych spoke at the 8th Yalta Annual Meeting YES, named "Ukraine and the World: Common Challenges, Common Future.
The biggest names in the world electronic music scene will join the summer tour of Sofia's Yalta Club, the Solar Summer Festival.
Ali said the water tanks were being constructed in Jalaie, Yalta, Allahyar Regi and Lala Bai villages, where people used river water for drinking.
month in the 2-week camp in the city of Yalta that was attended by 700 children and youth from 50 countries
Eleven Jordanian under the age of 16 took part early this month in the two-week camp in the city of Yalta that was attended by 700 children and youth from 50 countries.