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YAMAMYechida Meyuchedet le'Milchama (Israeli anti-terrorism group)
YAMAMYoung Adults Making A Move
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Iraq will kick off their tour, which has been organised by Nabeel Yamam of AKB Media, with a match against a Houses of Parliament XI at Chelsea Embankment tomorrow, after which they will be invited to visit Westminster and meet politicians.
Last night Yamam Nabeel, of AKB Media, who helped organise the tour, rubbished the claims.
Members of Yamam, the elite anti-terrorist squad of the paramilitary border police, closed in on his hiding place in Baka al-Sharkiyeh, said a police official.
Members of Yamam, the elite anti- terrorist squad of the paramilitary border police, closed in on his hiding place.
4) Libia Yamam oto recalls being deported from Peru to the U.
Yossi Pinto, a Nahal infantry force of the Binyamin Territorial Brigade, joined by the Border Police's elite Counterterrorism Unit, Yamam, according to Israeli The Jerusalem Post on the same day and "200 Israeli soldiers, dozens of jeeps, two (military) bulldozers and many Shin Bet [internal security] officers" according to Amira Hass of Hretz on this March 3, including some 28 -- more than thirty army patrol armored vehicles according to the count of Arab natives of Birzeit who spoke to this writer, were amassed in this Birzeit University town, raising a hell of explosives and gunfire and disrupting its peaceful countryside early spring morning.
Iraq's match against Trinidad & Tobago at The Hawthorns on May 23, which has been organised by Yamam Nabeel of AKB Media in London, is the focal point of their UK Goodwill Tour that, Stange hopes, will break new ground and take the cause of the country to a new audience.