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YAMEYou Are My Everything (song)
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Around 3,000 people are believed to have been isolated in Yame, as roads to their residential areas have been cut off.
fr, a teapot bag "sencha " picked by the tea farming cooperative in Hochino Village in Fukuoka, Yame prefecture in Kyushu Island, a location which is famous in Japan for its volcanic soil, clear spring water and high quality plant material;
L'evolution hydrogeomorphologique de la vallee du Yame (Pays Dogon, Mali): signal climatique et hydrosysteme continental en Afrique de l'Ouest entre 50 et 4 ka.
2] on the sloping valley of the Yame, a tributary of the Niger (Figure 1).
The beginning of phase 1, which is not currently dated, is thus characterised by high-energy runoff that reveals the hydrological capacity of the Yame to be higher than the current course and suggests strong seasonal precipitation.
In general, even if the remains are not in primary position, they show that people inhabited the length of the Yame from the very beginning of the Holocene climatic amelioration.
Analyses of vegetal remains indicate that the banks of the Yame sheltered a gallery forest with fewer southern affinities, including Albizia, Syzygium and Alchornea, situated in a general savannah environment, documented by Lophira charcoal and pollen from grasses, Combretaceae, shea butter tree, etc.
The deposited sedimentary record indicates a reduction in the capacity of the Yame and a change in sedimentation conditions.
Of the six victims from the minivan, police have identified three women as Ayami Ide, 17, Hitomi Ishihara, 18, and Yasuko Sueyoshi, 18, who all attended the same agricultural high school in the city of Yame.