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YAMLYet Another Multicolumn Layout
YAMLYet Another Markup Language (computer language)
YAMLYaml Ain't Markup Language
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Ray Hillenbrand, Chairman of Hillenbrand, Nick Walker of YAML wrote: "we as long term shareholders have decided to withhold the vote of our shares for incumbent directors because they have supported a capital allocation process by the current CEO which is ill disciplined and risky, as demonstrated by the recent non-core acquisition strategy.
Built for DevOps using standard formats like YAML and JSON, and allowing for atomic and complex scenarios, teams can introduce load and performance testing at the earliest stages of development through to the build, deploy and production stages.
Prometheus HT//SQL is the creation of Clark Evans, Prometheus Research's Chief Technology Officer, who is widely known in the open source community as a co-creator of the YAML language.