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YASOYoung Artists Symphony Orchestra (Concord, CA)
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Yaso brought 11 buses of furious Ethiopian immigrants to Jerusalem to protest and has not donated blood since.
My father worked as a farmer, a weapons maker, and a blacksmith," Yaso said in his Jerusalem office.
Apan, Huarhuar, Magdalena, Pampacocha, Yaso, Santa Rosa de Quives y Yangas.
Se incrementara a la recepcion de los servicios de limpieza publica, en el caserio de Yaso, el anexo de Apan y la unidad agricola de Huarhuar, actividad que sera a mediano plazo, se cumplira en el 2011.
In Hayashi's version of this disputation entitled Hai Yaso (Against the Jesuits), Razan dismissed Fabian's Myotei mondo as "wild, hysteric imprecations and abuse" and the two nuns' talk on Buddhism, Shinto and Confucianism as "worthless.
116) Elison translated the entire text of Hai Yaso in Deus Destoyed, 149-53.
Another colleague, Yaso, tells me I look like a bridesmaid.
Soshu Yakyoku" (Suzhou Nocturne), composed by Ryoichi Hattori with lyrics written by poet Yaso Saijo, was used as a soundtrack for a TV commercial this spring advertising Chinese oolong tea.
During the kings like Yaso Varman and Jaya Barman Cambodian Buddhists developments became world famous.
tasyaitad bhanunamno (bh)uvi bhavatu yaso jivitam caiva nityam.
nestam na dattam na kulocitani sukhany avaptani yaso na kirnam I nyagrodhabljahkuram usarastham vidambayan vatsa divam gato'si II You did not sacrifice, you did not give; You did not enjoy the pleasures of high family, and you did not have great fame.
The text reads: atha yady udake atmanam pasyet tad abhimantrayeta mayi teja indriyam yaso dravinam sukrtam iti ("If, moreover, he sees himself in water, let him address it thus: 'May vigor, virility.