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YASTyet Another Setup Tool
YASTyet Another Software Tool
YASTYet Another Setup Tool (SuSE Linux)
YASTYet Another Search Trick (Firefox add-on)
YASTYouth Ability in Skilled Trades (Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work)
YASTYet Another Stupid Topic
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ka sal pad petitig bowed {bawed} u-s yast i nog-naywar abag kunisn u-s tanabuhl i ruwanig be wizarisn u-s kar kerbag (i) pes az an kerd *abaz (77) rased an i andar an ew [mss.
The Software Installer component of YaST is a powerful way to search, filter and install applications on OpenSUSE Linux.
The first fragments of Wistasb Yast Zarathustra claim that, a-yaska a-mahrka bavahi yatha pesho-tanush, 'Mayest thou be freed from sickness and death, like Pesho-tanu.
La Asociacion Panteras Negras, garveyistas y anarquistas, con Yast Solo como principal valedor, lanza el Manifiesto por la Afroespanolizacion, un programa de accion social que invita a olvidar la nostalgia por Africa y concentrarse en la identidad que denominan afroespanola, luchando por los derechos civiles de las poblaciones negras que residen en el estado espanol con su Campana por la Igualdad Ciudadana.
YAST provides software for installation, configuration and management of Linux systems.
SUSE's system assistant YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) offers a number of useful and practical upgrades.
SuSE Linux is also widely praised for its "terrific" user manual and its installation and administration tool, YaST, "the best-all-in-one Linux management tool by a long shot.
Novell, Mono, openSUSE, SUSE and YAST are registered trademarks and Banshee is a trademark of Novell, Inc.
In the Avesta, too, the corresponding word ahura occasionally refers to human lords (Gathas Y 29,219 and Y 31,10;20 Ardvl Sur Yast 85, Tistar Yast 36, Fravardin Yast 63, Bahiram Yast 37, Zamyad Yast 77)--and not always complimentary: the ahura in Bahiram Yast 37 is largely unsuccessful--he cannot kill the owner of the magic feather.
Gerec ve yontemler: Fizik muayene ile varikosel tarnst konulan ve ortalama yasi 30,4 olan 45 hasta ile kontrol grubunu olusturan ve ortalama yast 28,3 olan 30 erkek calismaya dahil edilmistir.
YaST is a configuration tool suite that is unique to openSUSE and allows configuring nearly all Linux settings via a GUI rather than using a different tool for each different task, or worse using text files.