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YATAMAYapti Tasba Masraka Nani Aslatakanka (Nicaraguan indigenous political party)
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In Bilwi, YATAMA supporters held a rally the day after the election to protest the results but were confronted by riot police and pro-Sandinista youth gangs.
In a multi-page document released shortly afterwards, YATAMA reported that three of its followers had been killed and dozens arrested.
Like the leaders of YATAMA, McCoy accused the FSLN and the CSE of using various dirty tricks to manipulate the outcome.
En ese contexto hay que interpretar el trafico de tierras, que no es un asunto exclusivo de los miembros de YATAMA y de Brooklyn Rivera.
El voto costeno fue masivamente anti-sandinista y, en caso de los miskitu, a favor del YATAMA, que hizo alianza con la coalicion de centro-derecha que gano.
8) Es el caso de la organizacion politica Indigena YATAMA, por ejemplo, cuya dirigencia ha insistido en que antes de una reglamentacion era importante una reforma capaz de subsanar las debilidades del Estatuto y lograr el "avance de una verdadera autonomia para los pueblos indigenas y comunidades etnicas de la Moskitia".
BERISTAIN, supra note 354, at 618-19 (stating that expert witnesses have helped the Court's judges understand the nature of violations against indigenous peoples); Nieves Gomez, Indigenous Peoples and Psychosocial Reparation: The Experience with Latin American Indigenous Communities, in REPARATIONS FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES: INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES 143-147 (2008) (explaining various psychological and spiritual harms suffered by indigenous peoples at both collective and individual levels); YATAMA v.
Nancy Elizabeth Enriquez, a YATAMA alternate deputy and legal representative for the party, told the Nicaraguan news magazine Confidencial that the attack was carried out by "shock forces," armed militants affiliated with the governing Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN).
The PN also accused YATAMA of "sowing unease and terror among residents by threatening to burn homes, health centers, schools, businesses, and public offices.
Ortega's comments are particularly noteworthy in the context of events that took place nearly two weeks later in the Asamblea Nacional (AN), Nicaragua's unicameral legislature, where majority leader Edwin Castro (FSLN) accused YATAMA Deputy Brooklyn Rivera, a former ally of the governing party, of involvement in various illegal land deals.
A week after stripping Rivera of his immunity, the Sandinista-dominated AN voted to give his vacated deputy seat to a member of the FSLN, Albertina Urbina Zelaya, rather than to the YATAMA lawmaker's official alternate, Noe Coleman Damacio, a Mayagna indigenous woman who also represents YATAMA.
This leaves the PLC, FSLN, Camino Cristiano, PC, Partido Indigena Multietnico (PIN), and YATAMA, an indigenous party of the Caribbean coast.