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YATAMAYapti Tasba Masraka Nani Aslatakanka (Nicaraguan indigenous political party)
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The PN also accused YATAMA of "sowing unease and terror among residents by threatening to burn homes, health centers, schools, businesses, and public offices.
Ortega's comments are particularly noteworthy in the context of events that took place nearly two weeks later in the Asamblea Nacional (AN), Nicaragua's unicameral legislature, where majority leader Edwin Castro (FSLN) accused YATAMA Deputy Brooklyn Rivera, a former ally of the governing party, of involvement in various illegal land deals.
A week after stripping Rivera of his immunity, the Sandinista-dominated AN voted to give his vacated deputy seat to a member of the FSLN, Albertina Urbina Zelaya, rather than to the YATAMA lawmaker's official alternate, Noe Coleman Damacio, a Mayagna indigenous woman who also represents YATAMA.
The YATAMA leader calls his ouster a "political show" and insists the accusations against him are false.
Rivera's removal comes a year and a half after YATAMA severed ties with the FSLN following an eight-year alliance (NotiCen, April 3, 2014).