YCEYoruba Council of Elders (est. 2000)
YCEYokohama Commodity Exchange (Japan)
YCEYale College Education (New Haven, CT)
YCEYouth for Chinese Elderly (American Red Cross)
YCEYamato Colony Elementary School (Livingston, CA)
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I would like to use the YCE award as a platform to inspire young designers, promote creativity and to encourage other nationals to believe in their ideas when no one else does and to persevere until their dreams become a tangible reality.
I won the YCE award based on two designs: The multifunctional aspect incorporated into the Freedom collection and my Calligraphy bracelet.
The programme participant chosen from the UAE will join 16 international YCE Media winners for a one to two week tour of the UK that will provide opportunities to develop further contacts for initiating commercial and collaborative work in the future.
Programme participants will have the opportunity to partake in arranged meetings and events, including panel discussions alongside UK and international industry speakers and continue to contribute ideas and feedback to the international YCE network.
According to previous studies, the observed value of YCE on a dry weight basis approached 0.
It was also determined YCE values, and dry weight and water contents.
at the New Asia Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco, will be Michael Jang, board member of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter and founder of the YCE Program.
Last year YCE youth volunteers organized a house safety project for senior tenants at St.
The YCE and KD values in control treatments are closely similar to those reported by Bascinar, (2010) for rainbow trout yolk-sac fry (control group in Bascinar, 2010 study).
Summary of the parameters YCE, YCR, LGR, WGR, KD, and water content of rainbow trout yolk-sac fry held under different photoperiod regimes.
The YCE (Blaxter, 1969) and YCR (Peterson and Martin-Robichaud, 1995) were calculated using dry weight instead of wet weight since according to Hodson and Blunt (1986) the percentage moisture of alevin is higher than the percentage moisture of yolk-sac.
The best growth rate and yolk-sac utilization of brook trout alevins in 24h L group could also be confirmed from the parameter values of YCE, YCR, LGR, WGR, and KD (Table III).