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YEMYemen (ISO Country code)
YEMYou Enjoy Myself (Phish song)
YEMYoung European Movement (UK)
YEMYeast-Extract Mannitol
YEMYouth Empowerment Movement (Baltimore, MD)
YEMYellowstone Episcopal Ministries (Montana)
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D) of overnight cultures of selected bacterial isolates previously grown on NFM medium and resistant to mercury was determined by spectrophotometer at 600 nm in YEM medium and fixed it at 0.
Each isolated strain was cultured in YEM broth at 37C overnight on continuous shaking.
Country: , TurkeySector: Construction/Real EstateTarget: YEM Fuarcilik asBuyer: ITE Group plcVendor: Ugur Muldur, Other private shareholdersDeal size in USD: 24.
The inocula were produced by culturing the above strains and mutants in YEM broth (Vincent, 1970) in 250-mL flasks shaken at 125 rpm at 25[degrees]C.
Others include Nokia Lumia, Portugal RCSI Bahrain, Real Manama playing for Al Rashid Group, St Christopher's School, Bahrain University, Yateem Air-conditioning and YEM.
Ross King's book was translated by Belkis Disbudak and published by YEM Publishing House.
YEM is a not-for-profit organization based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, which focuses on assisting young women who live in high-risk environments marked by poverty, poor health and other environmental hazards who are growing increasingly susceptible to truancy, gang involvement, depression and victimization.
YEM strives to steer youth away from gangs, drugs and violence while helping them create long-term goals and solutions.
Participating in the project were Sony, Philips, Evertz, Nvision, Leitch, DaVinci, Tektronix, Leader, YEM, MTI, and Digital Vision.