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YIMBYYes In My Backyard
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YIMBY is the opposite of the more famous NIMBY ("Not In My Back Yard").
McAvoy reaches the same conclusion with his proposed YIMBY approach.
The first national YIMBY conference also took place in Colorado over the summer.
If a given neighborhood agrees on YIMBY, the neighborhood/school "condition" shouldn't be the deterrent it currently is.
between Eighth and Ninth Avenue, was divided into three lots, according to a YIMBY report.
In 2014, Latimer and Linden filed eight building applications for the site, according to New York YIMBY.
The development, once the site of a garage, will contain duplexes on the second and third floors and full floor apartments on the top six floors, according to a report from New York YIMBY.
According to YIMBY, Eric Mann of the Mann Group, purchased 383 Troutman Street for $1.
Real estate blog YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard), a play on NIMBY (Not In My Backyard), probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for renderings.
In 1960, 60,000 people lived in East New York, according to New York YIMBY, significantly more than the current 48,000.
Last week, Stephen Smith of YIMBY reported that One Vanderbilt will also be paying approximately $50 million in annual property taxes.