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YiQY (perceived luminance), I, Q (color/luminance information) NTSC color model
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Los modelos de color que se emplean frecuentemente en el procesamiento de imagenes son el RGB, el YIQ y el HSI.
Transform color image CFVR from RGB color space to YIQ and estimation YFVR component and IQFVRcomponents.
The size and shape of these ellipses vary in the color models used in image processing, including the HSI and YIQ models.
By contrast, the two video scenes (MIS and FO) received a remarkable higher quality score with analog YPbPr interface and digital YCbCr interface compared to analog YIQ.
An Experimental Comparison of RGB, YIQ, LAB, HSV, and
Microprocessors from six manufacturers, in both out-of-the-box and fully optimized configurations, were compared for JPEG compression and decompression, gray space filtering, RGB to CMYK conversion and RGB to YIQ conversion.
Table I: Comparative Analysis of Skin Detection Results using Bayesian Color Mode Methods/Color Space YCbCr CIE HSV RGB YIQ YUV YES Jones 90 Brand 93 S.
Nonetheless, most of the studies so far used the green (G) component of RGB color space for blood vessel recognition with some using luminance (Y) from YIQ color space [6].
It allows users to convert among different color representations, including RGB space used by color monitors and scanners, CMYK space used for printing, YIQ space used for broadcast, the CIELAB space used as an international standard, and to 15 other color spaces, including dictionaries of color names, the Munsell color system, and the German DIN standard.