YMKIYamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia
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The competition in the motorcycle industry in the country has been sharp between two largest producers Astra Honda, the producer of Honda motorcycles and YMKI the producer of Yamaha motorcycles Yamaha.
Meanwhile, in a bid to increase its production of automatic scooters, YMKI will ask vendors to increase their supply of spare parts in 2010.
Taking into account the production capacity of 3 producers of automatic scooters--Astra Honda, YMKI, and Suzuki--and market trend, the country's total production of automatic scooters are expected to reach 2.
YMKI began to challenge the domination of Honda in the past few year's thanks mainly to its success in the market of automatic scooters.
Noteworthy in 2009 was an increase in sales recorded by YMKI for its Yamaha when other major producers recorded a decline.
In 2009, YMKI already had a network of 2,500 official repair shops all over the country.