YMVYoung Musicians of Virginia (est. 1991)
YMVYellow Mosaic Virus (disease)
YMVYeahronimo Media Ventures, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
YMVYam Mosaic Potyvirus (virology)
YMVYale Men's Volleyball (Yale University)
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tabaci were given an AAP of 24 hr on YMV -infected plant separately.
The effect of different AAP on the rate of transmission of YMV was tested by allowing B.
To determine the influence of different IAP on transmission of YMV, B.
To estimate the incubation period of YMV, the whiteflies were given a minimum acquisition access period of 1 h on infected Ridge gourd plant.
Studies on determination of effect of different acquisition access periods revealed that a minimum AAP of 30 min was necessary for whiteflies to aquire the YMV, which resulted in 20 per cent transmission.
The whiteflies were allowed for a minimum AAP of 24h on YMV infected plant to determine the incubation period.