YNBYardville National Bank
YNBYeast Nitrogen Base Medium (biology)
YNBYukon National Bank (Oklahoma)
YNBYeast Nitrogen Broth (bacteria culturing)
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001) differences between PTR, DTRTA, PHARA MIC values on RPMI, Sabouraud's and YNB medium.
11) Polystyrene 96-well cell culture plates were used for biofilm formation in YNB media, which was measured by XTT reduction assay (Fig.
Following the transformation, cells were plated on YNB agar medium lacking uracil and uridine supplements.
Briefly, 4[micro]l of 4-hydroxycordoin was added to 96|xl of YNB broth + 0.
For both sets of isolates, biofilm production was examined when TPN solution was substituted for YNB medium because TPN promotes C.
HMST: Quote), the holding company for HomeStreet Bank stated that it has obtained sanction from the shareholders of Fortune Bank, a Washington state-chartered bank, and YNB Financial Services Corp.
0m and Yakima National Bank and parent holding company YNB Financial Services Corp for approximately USD 10.
HomeStreet (NASDAQ: HMST), a diversified financial services company will be taking over Seattle based Fortune Bank (NASDAQ:FBBC) and Yakima National Bank and its holding company YNB Financial services.
The cells were resuspended in YNB supplemented with 100 mM glucose.
001) differences between PTR, DTRTA, PHARA MIC values on RPMI medium and on Sabouraud's and YNB medium was found.
After 18 to 20 h of incubation, cells were washed twice with PBS and suspended in YNB supplemented with 100 mM glucose and standardized to 107 cells/mL ascertained spectrophotometrically (Bausch & Lomb Spectronic 20, San Pablo, Calif, USA) at 520 nm.