YORYard Occupancy Ratio (container port measure)
YORYouth Opportunities in Retailing (various locations)
YORYouth Owned Records (Ann Arbor, MI)
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The latest NFS outing takes players on a heart-pounding crosscountry race from San Francisco to New YorS k.
Tenders are invited for Replacement / Reconditioning Of Idlers And Idler Frames Of Conve Yors At Q10 Berth , W.
Yow'll earn more than them mates of yors on the milk when yer 21'.
Wormstone, 43, of Ashworth Road, Pontefract, West YorS kshire, denies concealing criminal property of pounds 2,634, and transferring criminal funds of pounds 730,000 in March last year.
One day in the height of the summer When the sun was scorching the sand And the sea looked warm and inviting Jack said 'Tom, yi knaa this is grand, In fact, and it's yors since aa've done it - Aa'm ganna gan for a plodge in the sea'.