YOZYouth of Zion (religious group)
YOZYouth Only Zone
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5 x [lambda]), which are doughnut-shaped in XOZ (E-plane, Phi = 0[degrees]) and omnidirectional in YOZ (H-plane, Phi = 90[degrees]).
In addition, all the bands are vertically polarized with E-plane in YOZ (Phi = 90[degrees]).
We consider a rotation right cylinder, with the radius R and a circular base in the plane YOZ of the coordinate system.
z]/[partial derivative]z of expression (6) and represent divergence of the flow in the form of a fan of chip formation surfaces in the YOZ plane.
By excluding from consideration the YOZ plane and taking z=const and [partial derivative][P.
7, the evolution of the transmission parameter versus the frequency when the TX antenna orientation is from 0[degrees] to 90[degrees] in the YOZ plane as it is shown in Fig.
Alison Bamforth, of the Youth Only Zones project, said: ``This type of community spirit is exactly what YOZ is all about.
2] are omnidirectional in XOZ (Phi = 0[degrees], H-plane) and doughnut-shaped in YOZ (Phi = 90[degrees], E-plane), as shown in Figs.
Alison Bamforth of the YOZ project said: ``This community spirit is exactly what YOZ is all about.
E-plane transfers from YOZ in low frequency to XOY in high frequency because of existence of the CPS feedline.
The shaping of the cylindrical reflector begins with a parabola curve on the YOZ plane, and can be expressed as