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YPAYugoslav People's Army
YPAYellow Pages Association (formerly National Yellow Pages Service Association)
YPAYellow Pages Advertising
YPAYamaha Pro Audio
YPAYearly Plan of Action
YPAYoung Performers Award (Australia; ABC Symphony Australia annual award)
YPAYoung Performers Australia-America
YPAYoung Performing Artists, Inc. (Wildwood, FL)
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Niamh OConnor, thanked the National Assembly, the Senate and PIPS as well as the YPAs for making the YPA programme a success.
And a source at state electricity distributors DEDIE said that an "aluminised" helium balloon had caused a 13-minute power failure in the area near YPA s headquarters in southern Athens, some 40 minutes before the radar shutdown.
The debate over the YPA stemmed directly from the AYD fracas,
YPA is a public service supervised by the Minister of Transport and Communications, and is delegated, according to Law 1340/83, with the governmental authority for the regulatory, operational and monitoring functions of the air transport system in Greece.
253) First roadblocks manned by YPA troops would appear around town, followed by a warning for Serb inhabitants to evacuate.
Why was the West showing full understanding for the gradual withdrawal (five years) of the Soviet army from East Germany and demanding at the same time that YPA be withdrawn from Bosnia-Herzegovina overnight?
Deborah Free, Treasurer of YPA said, "We are thrilled to have ASMP continue to play an instrumental role in YPA's growth and development, and we look forward to the expertise Susan brings to our Executive Board.
The YPA and Drug Lawyers Forum (DLF) in a press briefing alleged that the DRAP had deliberately left gaps in the process of de-registration of artificial hormones.
Strains like YGP and YSJ showed highest tolerance among 10 isolates up to 15% and strain YPA had least with 10%.
4 YPA, with three touchdowns and four interceptions in four and a half games, for a 78.
First and second cluster showing 20% dissimilarity, first second and third cluster showing 25% dissimilarity YGP and YSJ were found in third main cluster, however YPO and YPA did not fall under any of the main clusters.
Strains like YMS and YGP showed highest tolerance among 10 isolates up to 15% and strain YPA had least with 9%.