YPBYour Point Being?
YPBYesawich, Pepperdine & Brown (now Yesawich, Pepperdine, Brown & Russell; Orlando, FL)
YPBYoung Professionals Board
YPBYayasan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Indonesian: Foundation for Sustainable Development; Jakarta, Indonesia)
YPBYears Before Present (geology)
YPBYellow Page Boundaries
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Mahir E[pounds sterling]nal, the AK Party's parliamentary group deputy chairman, said a few days ago that they will declare the elections null and void if the YPB group does not win.
YPB expects the three-year agreement to generate revenues of approximately A$1m, with YPB technology to be applied to tens of millions of Combiphar products per annum over three of its 170 product lines.
Importantly, the YPB CONNECT platform will drive far greater customer engagement for Combiphar by directly connecting the company to healthcare professionals and customers online.
It means Mr Tendulkar will act as a so-called brand ambassador for YPB Groups consumer engagement platform YPB Connect and facilitate introductions to important contacts in the Indian market.
YPB Group chief executive John Houston said the decision to bring on a brand ambassador was a first for the company and was being tried in India because it was a difficult market to gain traction.
Earlier during this month, Australia-listed anti-counterfeiting specialist YPB has established the JV with US security company Affyrmx to tap into the market for protecting government documents like visas, vital record documents and ID cards, and even currency in Latin America.
YPB will be responsible for materials sourcing, production and logistics.
Affyrmx will be responsible for customer/project sourcing and customer liaison, with YPB responsible for materials sourcing, production and logistics.
YPB, through this take over, would begin production of microparticle barcodes from proprietary polymer nanocomposites for authentication of a vast array of goods.
This was declared, following YPB was lately contracted by a major first world economy to provide the proprietary VariSec technology for application in 15 million ePassports.
The use of this technology will increase the number of ePassports containing YPB technology to more than 125 million globally.
The LAF YPB is dedicated to raising visibility for this vital organization, as well as funds to support the work they do by planning social events, fundraising initiatives and community outreach efforts.